Compact stereo transmitter TFT Edition 5.000W.

Potencia: 5.000W


High quality modern transmitter at an extremely low price, compact, non-deformable and light because it is made of stainless steel chassis. It guarantees high continuity of operation in any working condition through an automatic control (ALC) and a Foldback protection with adjustable output power from 10 to 100%.

It has standard L&R, Mono, MPX and SCA / RDS analogue audio inputs, with the possibility of TOSLINK and optional AES / EBU as well as the integrated RDS encoder (UECP standard Low distortion values, a high signal-to-noise ratio, combined with saving of energy and environmental resources of high yields (over 70% on the whole band) ensures an excellent transmission service.

Limited maintenance is facilitated by extreme accessibility, resulting from an advanced modular engineering, and by a water-washable air filter.

A complete control based on ARM microprocessor, from interactive menus on TFT Touch display of all the main parameters and an integrated WEB / SNMP telemetry system (optionally) guarantee full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR regulations.

Parameter U.M. Value Notes
Frequency range MHz 87,5 ÷ 108
Rated output power W 5000 Continuously adjustable from 10 to 100%
Modulation type F300E
Operational mode Mono, Stereo, MPX
Working temperature °C -5 to +50
Working humidity % 95 No condensing
Working altitude mt Up to 3000 * * With adequate air evacuation system in site
Frequency setting kHz 10 Steps
Frequency stability Temperature range from -5°C to 50°C ppm ±1
Modulation capability Refered @ 0dBu for 75kHz kHz 150 Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR rules
Pre-emphasis μS 0  50, 75 Selectable
AC Power input AC Supply Voltage VAC 230 ±10%    |   400 ±10%  Monophase    |   Threephases Y
AC Apparent Power Consumption VA 7336
Active Power Consumption W 7352
Power Factor 0,998
Overall Efficiency % Typical 70 * * Up to 72 in specific conditions
Connector ILME CFX 4/2
Phisical dimensions Front panel width mm / inch 483  /  19 EIA rack
Front panel height mm / inch 177  /  7 4HE
Overall depth mm 700
Chassis depth mm 745
Weight kg Approx. 42
Cooling Forced, with internal fan
Acoustic noise dBA < 75
Left/Mono Connector XLR F
Type Balanced
Impedance Ohm 10 or 600 k
Input Level / Adjust dBu -12 to +12 Continuosly  adjustable
Right Connector XLR F
Type Balanced
Impedance Ohm 10 or 600 k
Input Level / Adjust dBu -12 to +12 Continuosly  adjustable
MPX Connector BNC
Type Unbalanced
Impedance Ohm 10 k
Input Level / Adjust dBu  -12 to +12 For 75 KHz FM, adjustable
SCA/RDS Connector 2 x BNC
Type Unbalanced
Impedance Ohm 10 k
Subcarier Level @ 0 dBu dB -17 to -40 For 7,5 KHz FM, adjustable
Type Balanced
Impedance Ohm 110
Input Level / Adjust dBfs 0 to -10 For 7,5 KHz FM, adjustable
Type Optical
RF Output Connector 7/8”
Impedance Ohm 50
RF Monitor Connector BNC
Impedance Ohm 50
Output Level dBm 0 ± 4
Pilot output Connector BNC
Load  Impedance Ohm >5 k
Output Level Vpp 1 Sinusoidal
On mains 3 External fuse F 20 T – 10×38 mm
On services X
On PA Supply X
On driver supply 1 External fuse F 6.3 T – 5×20 mm