PLUG-IN system 6.000W.

COD.: TX06KSS-60D42
Potencia: 6.000W

The image of this layout is purely demonstrative and may change without notice. The configuration is only referred to installed equipment; rack, cover panels and all others accessories are to be defined at order.


Tunable over entire FM band (87.5 – 108 MHZ), without tuning.
Overall efficiency better than 70%.
Hot-pluggable and broadband power amplifier modules.
Each module features switching mode power supply to control and stabilize power supply voltage.
Each amplifier module provides Automatic Power Control.
Suitable for mono & stereo broadcast operations.
Protection against high VSWR, overdrive, overcurrent and overtemperature.
Compliance to IEC safety standards.
Compliance to ETSI – CCIR – FCC standards.
Entire transmitter can be switched off through an emergency button.
High redundancy guaranteed by 3 power modules of 2.2 kW RF power.
All measurement and working parameters are displayed on front panel.
Remotely controllable by telemetry system.
Design for 24/7 non-stop operation.
The transmitter include an integrated system for automatic and manual switching between two exciters.
In Automatic mode the changeover is activated when active power of exciter falls below 3dB.


Parameter Value
RF Output Power 6,3 kW
Frequency Range 87,5 – 108 MHz
Frequency Stability > 1 ppm
Frequency programmability By software, with 1, 10, 100 , 1000 kHz steps
Nominal Frequency Deviation ±75 KHz (peak)
Maximum Frequency Deviation ±150 KHz (peak)
Class of Emission 180KF8E Direct to Channel
Modulation Mode Mono, Stereo, Multiplex, SCA, RDS, Aux
Stereo transmissions Acc. to ITU-R / Rec.  450 (Pilot  tone)
RF Output Impedance 50 Ω, Unbalanced
RF Output Connector 1-5/8” EIA Flange
VSWR 1.4:1 with automatic fold-back at higher VSWR
Pre-emphasis Mode 0/50 (CCIR) µs,75 (FCC) μs
Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio Typically >70dB
Synchronous AM S/N Ratio Typically > 55dB
Harmonics suppression and Spurious Typically <85db
Overall efficiency Typically > 70%
RF Harmonics Exceeds ETSI/CCIR/FCC requirements
RF Spurious Exceeds ETSI/CCIR/FCC requirements
Analogue Input level {+75 Khz (peak) deviation } -12,5 dBu – +12,5 dBu (adjustable)
Digital Input level {+75 Khz (peak) deviation } -20,0 dBFS – 0 dBFS (adjustable)
S/N ratio Typically > 83dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Typically <0,03%
Inter Modulation Distortion SMPTE Typically <0,02%
Frequency Response Typically ±0,2dB
Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω or 10 kΩ
Composite S/N ratio Typically > 80dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Typically <0,05%
Inter Modulation Distortion Typically <0,05%
Frequency Response Typically ±0,2dB
Audio Input Impedance 10 kΩ
Stereo FM S/N Ratio Typically > 83dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (L or R) Typically <0,02%
Inter Modulation Distortion SMPTE  (L or R) Typically <0,02%
Frequency  response (L or R) Typically ±0,2dB
Linear Cross Talk Typically > 50dB
Non-linear Cross Talk Typically > 50dB
Stereo Separation (Sine Wave) Typically > 70dB
Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω or 10 kΩ
Digital Input Impedance 110 Ω