Liquid cooled system 20.000W.

COD.: TX20KSS/60D214J
Potencia: 20.000W

The image of this layout is purely demonstrative and may change without notice. The configuration is only referred to installed equipment; rack, cover panels and all others accessories are to be defined at order.

Parameter Value
RF Output Power 20 kW
Frequency Range 87,5 – 108 MHz programmable in 1,10 or 1000 KHz steps
Frequency Stability ±1 ppm
Nominal Frequency Deviation ±75 KHz (peak)
Maximum Frequency Deviation ±100 KHz (peak)
Class of Emission 180KF8E
Stereo Transmission Acc. To ITU-R / Rec. 450 (Pilot tone)
RF Output Impedance 50 Ω, Unbalanced
RF Output Connector 3-1/8” EIA Flange
VSWR 1.41:1 with automatic fold-back at higher VSWR
Frequency Control Synthesizer µ processor control
Modulation Capability ±150 KHz
Modulation Mode Mono, Stereo, Multiplex, SCA, RDS, DARC, Aux
Pre-emphasis Mode 0/50 (CCIR) µs, 75 (FCC) µs
Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio ≥ 70 dB unweight, referred to 100% AM modulation at 400 Hz Pre-emphasis and without FM modulation
Synchronous AM S/N Ratio ≥ 55 dB, reference to 100% AM modulation at 400 Hz, 50 µs Pre-emphasis with FM modulation at 75 KHz of deviation
Harmonics suppression and Spurious Typically 85dB
Overall efficiency Typically 70/72%
RF Harmonics Exceeds ETSI/CCIR/FCC requirements
RF Spurious Exceeds ETSI/CCIR/FCC requirements
Max Frequency Tolerance As per ITU (R)
Analogue Input Level ±75 Khz (peak) deviation -6 dBu – +6 dBu at 1 Khz, 0 dBu
Digital Input Level ±75 Khz (peak) deviation -20,0 dBFS – 0 dBFS (adjustable) at 1 Khz
S/N ratio > 90dB (typical 92dB), 75KHz deviation (30 Hz to 15 KHz base band) rms, unweighted
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Better than 0.15%
Inter Modulation Distortion SMPTE Better than 0,20% (60 Hz / 7 KHz, 4:1, +4
Frequency Response ±0,2dB (30Hz – 15Khz)
Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω balanced or 10 kΩ unbalanced
S/N ratio >90 dB, 75 KHz deviation rmd, unweight
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise < 0,02%
Inter Modulation Distortion < 0,02% 60 Hz / 7 KHz, 4:1, +4dBu
Frequency Response ±0,3dB, 30 Hz to 100 KHz
Transient Intermodulation Distortion 0,03%, 2,96 KHz square wav end 14 KHzsine wave
Audio Input Impedance 2 K ohm or more
Stereo FM S/N Ratio, unweighted >84 dB, 30 Hz to 15 KHz deviation (L or R), rms
Stereo Separation (Sine Wave) ≥ 60 dB (30 Hz – 15 KHz)
Linear Cross Talk Better than 50 dB, referred to 100% modulation (30 Hz to 15 KHz)
Non-linear Cross Talk Better than 50 dB, referred to 100% modulation
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (L or R)