Liquid cooled system 10.000W.

COD.: TX10KSS-60D212J
Potencia: 10.000W

The image of this layout is purely demonstrative and may change without notice. The configuration is only referred to installed equipment; rack, cover panels and all others accessories are to be defined at order.


HARDWARE FEATURES: Maximum modularity and scalability of the system from economical compositions “single exciter” to redundant custom compositions “double exciter”.
POWER & QUALITY: With the family of ALTEL SISTEMAS’s liquid transmitters based on the U-KLC series, is possible to realize compact equipments up to 20kW, with high energy savings thanks to the use of high efficiency pumps and no forcing ventilation. The Cooling system is with low pressure circuit and double pump in automatic switching and diagnostics.
RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY (business continuity): Extremely safe operation: by pressing the emergency button is cutting the power supply line to the various relay switches while remaining exciters operational.
USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: user-friendly software and a simple, intuitive HM interface let you easily set up and control all machine operating parameters. user-friendly software and a simple, intuitive HM interface let you easily set up and control all machine operating parameters.
EASE OF MAINTENANCE: accessibility and ease of maintenance are ensured by advanced modular engineering concepts incorporated in the transmitter and by its lightweight components. Better cleaner work environment and low environmental noise.
REMOTE CONTROL: the device comes with a powerful, complete telemetry system.

Parameter Value
RF Output Power 10 kW
Frequency Range 87,5 – 108 MHz
Frequency Stability ±1 ppm (WT from -10°C to 50°C)
Frequency programmability By software, with 10 kHz steps
Modulation Mode Direct carrier frequency
Operational Mode Mono, Stereo, Multiplex
Modulation capability 150 kHz Stereo, 200 kHz Mono/MPX
RF Output Impedance 50 Ω, Unbalanced
RF Output Connector 1-5/8” EIA Flange
Pre-emphasis Mode 0/50 (CCIR) µs,75 (FCC) μs
Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio ≥ 65 dB (typical 70dB)
Synchronous AM S/N Ratio ≥ 50 dB (typical  60dB)
Harmonics suppression and Spurious < 75 dB (typical  80dB)
Overall efficiency Typically 70/72%
S/N ratio  > 85dB (typical 87dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise < 0,05% (typical 0.03%)
Inter Modulation Distortion SMPTE < 0,02%
Frequency Response Better than ±0,5 dB (typical ±0.2dB)
Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω or 10 kΩ
Composite S/N ratio > 85dB (typical 87 dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise < 0,05%
Inter Modulation Distortion < 0,05%
Frequency Response ±0,2dB
Audio Input Impedance 50 Ω or 10 kΩ
Stereo FM S/N Ratio > 80 dB (82 dB typical)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (L or R) < 0,05%
Inter Modulation Distortion (L or R) ≤ 0,03%
Transient intermodulation distortion (L or R) < 0,1 dB (typical 0.05 dB)
Frequency  response (L or R) ±0,5 dB
Stereo Separation > 50dB (typical 60 dB)
Main / Sub Ratio > 40 dB (typical 45 dB)
Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω or 10 kΩ