Altel Sistemas


Altel Sistemas S.L. It was created almost 25 years ago with professionals from the sector with the aim of providing solutions to cover any need in the broadcasting sector.

Altel Sistemas S.L. sell FM and AM transmitters and accessories, is also a system integrator, thus being able to approach turnkey projects in an integral manner with a guarantee of success in implementation and maintenance.
We are dedicated to the engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for the transport and broadcast of radio signals.

We have the necessary instrumentation, oscilloscopes, spectrum and network analyzers, audio generators and analyzers, wattmeters, etc. to be able to provide technical assistance to our clients.

FM Broadcasting

We manufacture, supply, maintenance and repair of radio equipment.

RF Systems

We supply transmission lines, filters, multiplexers, directional couplers and other accessories.

AM Broadcasting

We supply transmitters and manufacture redundancy 1+1 units, antenna tuning units (ATU´s), diplexers, multiplexers, lightning and electrical network protections, maintenance and repair of AM equipment.

Radio Antennas

A whole range of antennas and systems, broadband and tuned, designed to achieve the best coverage, available in aluminum and stainless steel.

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